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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love and/in Paris

I love Paris!  And Paris, being the city of love, seems to love me back:

  • Paris is easy to navigate, and I'm getting the hang of the different metro lines (I take the 6 to class, which crosses the south of the city, but I can also take the 9, on the 1-direction La Defense is home, 1-direction Chateau de Vincennes takes me through the center along the Seine...)
  • As I alluded in my last post, Paris is a place where I eat well.  90 cents is usual for a croissant, and 1E10 for a "pain au chocolat" (chocolate croissant), but paying 1E10 for a big croissant can be worth it - when the butter literally melts in your mouth!
  • The Louvre generally costs 9E but it's free for me, since I'm an "EU" student!
  • The grass in le Jardin des Tuileries is green, and it's February...trop cool
  • I found a pair of gold sparkly heel/wedges for 12 Euros (I love les Soldes!)
I could keep going on, about what I love, but actually, I'm kind of upset.  I mean, yes, I'm in the city of love, and yes I love the city, and yes the city seems to love me, but what about the men?  I mean, it's already been three weeks, why don't I have an exotic French lover yet?  And Paris is determined to rub it in my face.  Everywhere I go, I see couples.  Couples my parents age making out, yes full-on making out, in the metro.  Couples my age straddling each other on the metro.  Couples my sisters ages making out in the street.  Seriously!!  And since Valentines Day is coming up, all of the lingerie stores (of which there are many) are going all out, in pink and red, and the chocolate stores (of which there are also many) are bringing out their heart shaped boxes....Oooh-whee!

No really, I'm kidding.  I've learned about how to deal with creepy French men (don't make eye contact, especially at night, don't call attention to yourself, walk with a purpose, etc. etc. etc.) and I am not trying to find a French lover on the subway.  I am however, looking forward to my French University classes (hello, La Sorbonne Nouvelle!) and getting to know some French people outside of my host family.  More updates to come!

xoxo, Samantha


  1. mmmmm croissants. i'm sure if i went to paris i would skip all the touristy things and just do a bakery tour...and gain like 50 pounds.

    oh, french men!! that's so exciting that you are in the city of love.

    have you ever seen paris j'taime? if not, you should watch it! i think it's on netflix instant at the moment.

    lots o' love.

  2. omg sophie i cant even count the number of times i have watched that move..... too good!

    also my lit prof stopped class today to recommend a sweet shop and i have been trying out all the boulangeries, all the bread stores near my house... there are like 5 of them. LOVE IT! and i have my fave crepe lady ahahahah....